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8. NoBox

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In life, people just wait and hope marvellous things might happen. By waiting, they miss out! Usually, what you wish for does not just fall in your lap; it falls somewhere nearby. Recognise it and stand up, to get to it. So how much money can NoBox guarantee it's members? 250% of Revenue Purchases, with a daily supreme of 2% on Revenue Packs.

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  • Investment plans:
  • Min spend: $9999999999
  • Max spend: unlimited
  • Payout max time: h
  • Minimum to withdraw: $2
  • Referral: 3%-5%%
  • Payment method: Manual
  • Compounding available: no
  • Principal return: no
  • Our investment: $50.00
  • Complaints: 0 (0 pending, 0 solved, 0 unsolved) ?
  • Verification level: unverified?


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If you see the sign "Care Investors Program" this means that you get a possibility to report any missed deposit or pending withdrawal even if you are not referred by us. A program's representative can join to any dispute and respond directly in our system. All complaints are monitored and verified by our investigation team.
In this way, your complaints are verified by a third and indepedent party. We publish the information how many complaints the program have and how many of them are solved, pending and unsolved.
We have 3 levels of verification process. Every level has individual rules, please visit our advertise page for more details.
Feel free to invite program administrators to get more confidence and to access verification procedures.

Every program position depends on many factors:

Base points - 140
Ordered points - 0
Our rating points - 7
Points for verification - 0
ROI points - 167
Monitoring time points - 1272
Deposit volume points - 10

Payout speed
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Exchange Extended

Hello Friends and Business Partners,

I am on transit at the moment, traveling back to Santiago. However, I was informed some more extension is ready. Therefore, I directly open it for all of you.

The Wallet Exchange is open now. In other words, you can fund your wallet and exchange money to other currencies. Afterwards requesting it for cashout. A full exchange.

This way you can purchase or exchange Bitcoins, coming from most ecurrencies. The list of supported exchanges and fees can be found on the fees page.

Enjoy the new money generating extension of NoBox. Use NoBox for all your currency exchange needs.

Regards, Karlo

P.S. The 10% Revenue Pack Bonus ends in 30 hours. Enjoy the promotion as long it last.


Bitcoin Craziness, Adjustment Friday

Hello Friends and Business Partners,

Wow, what a crazy week. When I introduced Bitcoin it should have been a joyful ride, with rainbows and wealth building during the time I sleep.

Well the world is sometimes more complicated, and the Bitcoin is no exception. The Bitcoin gained for weeks, and crashed just hours after we have allowed deposits. Now this sounds bad, and I won't sweet-talk about it, it is not best case scenario.

Yet, I mentioned two weeks ago already that I expect this to happen. Not this hard, but I expected it. Thanks to selling and buying, and selling and buying again… and playing the Markets I managed to get us out of this mess with almost no lost, pretty much a break even, and we have bitcoins what we have purchased at $60, with the price up again by around $90, and hopefully stabilising or rising at this level. In other words, we have managed a break even with the Bitcoin trading of last week, and an overall profit on all Bitcoin trading so far.

We can't complain at all since we started trading with Bitcoins during the time the coin was by $47. What means it is still valued almost double the amount as the first purchase. We are in profits! However, it would have been much nicer if these last few days were less crazy. I keep using the craziness to our advantage. At the end of the day, the movements are what generates money on the market. After all the markets have been corrected and the Bitcoin need to move up and down. Movements make us money! However, now after the market correction, they should be more healthy.

Moving on to the next topic, Adjustment Friday. Yes, another week, and we managed to stay on top of the 2%.

None Members 2%
Members 2.2%

Not bad, if you consider the Bitcoin was a disaster roller costing ride. I still believe, Bitcoin had a correction, and we will see it more stabile and slightly higher as it is right now. Thanks to movements on the market, we can use this to our profit advantage. My headaches, you just enjoy the ride (;

We still have the 10% promotion up until April 20, 2013. So if, you believe in me and NoBox, feel free to help me transforming NoBox from a revenue share website, to a powerhouse business. In return, I create wealth for you and your family.

Regards, Karlo

P.S. If you want to join the Bitcoin craziness, or you might have an own website, what consider accepting Bitcoins, you can sign up on SimpleBTC. SimpleBTC was created with the admin in mind, and Shadowscripts did a phenomenal job making masspay, SCI and API possible for every webmaster out there. This is not a NoBox project, but was created for NoBox, and we are able to make some profits on every transaction SimpleBTC is making.


Bitcoin Ready, Are You?

Hello Friends and Business Partners,

Today I like to introduce Bitcoin! Yes, our programmers have done it, and NoBox is finally able to provide Bitcoin Deposits and Withdrawals. This is the next step forward in the Extension and Exit Strategy, and there is more to it.

Let's start with the price of Bitcoins. If you use Bitcoin to deposit or withdraw on NoBox, you will receive the live exchange rate of Mt.Gox.

Deposits are credited as soon the Bitcoin system shows 3 confirmations. Therefore please do not send a ticket when your deposit shows not up in your back office. The transaction will be credited the second 3 confirmations hitting the Bitcoin Wallet. This is normal for any Bitcoin shop or any business using Bitcoins.

The Member to Member Exchange and Trading feature will be the next Extension of the NoBox environment. I expect this feature to be online before the first of May. At the same time, the ROI on future sales of Revenue packs will be lowered to 120% for none Members and 220% for Members. Again, this change is for future sales and does not effect already purchased Packs.

I did a lot of Bitcoin trading these past few weeks, and this business is extremely rewarding. Of course, it not hurt that the Bitcoins are now worth $230, and when I started trading the Bitcoin price was under $50. However, the best part is the Coin price not just jumped up, but moving up and down during the day. So holding might be good, but trading even generates more revenue.

To introduce Bitcoin to the NoBox community, I decided to give a 10% revenue pack purchasing bonus. This 10% are for purchasing any packs using any currency of your choice. However, since the exchange to Bitcoin is impossible or extremely difficult in STP and extremely expensive in Egopay, I limit the deposits on both of these currencies. With Solidtrustpay, you can purchase a maximum of 500 Revenue Packs a day, and with Egopay the Maximum is lowered to 2500 packs per day and member. Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Bitcoin have no limitations on Pack Purchases.

The Bonus will be automatically added to your purchase of packs, just as the last time during the Valentine Special. The Bonus round is added from now, until April 20, 2013.

This bonus round should give us some Bitcoin advantage, and attract Bitcoin users who might never joined any surf or revenue share page in the past. In other words, we open the door to an whole new industry.

Furthermore, once the Members to Members trading features are online Solidtrustpay can not be used for any trades and exchanges. Egopay will be part of the Members to Members exchange mechanism. You can use all currencies in the shopping environment, what will be the next step after the Member to Member Trading engine is installed.

As you can see, NoBox is moving forward. With Bitcoin, we will open doors for Shops, new Advertising partners and of course it gives me an additional way of generating money for the revenue holdback.

Help me to transform NoBox from a revenue share engine to a powerhouse business. In return, I make sure you create wealth for yourself and your family.

Regards, Karlo

P.S. You might be interested reading this article:
Update on NoBox - The Revenue Share Powerhouse


Adjustment Day, Alexa Grow

Hello Friends,

I receive a couple of emails from members who are wondering if we grow to fast. Alexa is getting crazy.. we growing super fast..

Now let me start with a little story. When I started NoBox I received a lot emails from members who were concerned because I did not promote. We will not grow..

I have answered NoBox has a plan, and I won't spend money on monitors, blogs or ads. Members will feel the power of NoBox and start advertising and referring others.

Now just three months later suddenly we grow to fast? It is still the same plan. Not to pay for ads, and healthy member to member referral grow.

As longer NoBox is online, more features will be introduced, the ROI will be lowered on future revenue packs etc. It's what I call the Extension and Exit Strategy. Remember we make money with Ads and soon we will have the Auction and the Shop. A terrific Alexa is helping NoBox to become the powerhouse business it was thought to be.

We are right on track. Remember my plans? From May, we will reduce the ROI on future revenue pack sales. At the same time, we will have the Shop and Exchange facility online. The business will generate money, and the banner auction, new banner locations, the video watch engine and PTC will produce more revenue when we have members and a whopping Alexa Rank.

Bitcoin, where is it? I know! I am asking myself the same question! I was promised a few times the script is ready on a specific day. However, it seems it's more work or harder to do as Shadowscripts anticipated it to be. However, even I am excited about Bitcoin, it need to be safe and accurate. So even I want to push the programmers, I just let them accomplish the Job, and I keep asking them daily (;

However, NoBox presents Bitcoin real soon. Once Bitcoin is online we have one of the key powerhouse income streams.

I am sure the MLM and Online opportunity world will use Bitcoins in the future. It will become the new currency of the industry. A currency what can increase in value. Double gamble if you like. Untraceable, but reliable. The dream of every administrator, investor and nightmare of government institutions. We will be THE exchange hub! NoBox will make withdrawals, exchange and trades as easy as 1,2,3. Being the Powerhouse no one can refuse as the prices will be unbeatable, and it certainly not hurt to be first on the market. With Members who trading themselves. Oh I could go on, but if I do, you would get over excited.

I have traded and just watched the Bitcoin grow. Up to $145, and trading as I write this by $137. Even greater, just a few hours ago I secured some Bitcoins for $130. The movements in both directions with an ultimate up every 48 hours, makes the trading a real blessing, and helps our security holdback to increase. The price is on the way up again, and keep generating us more money.

Talking of additional rewards, the security holdback is prepared to pay a little extra on the upcoming Adjustment Friday rewards.

None Members 2.0%
Members 2.4%

Even we still wait for our own trading engine. I made some neat profits on Bitcoins, and keep increasing our security holdback.

April is phenomenal so far. Bitcoin is growing and earning us extra income streams. Our own Coin system is hopefully ready soon, and our Alexa is growing. What will increase the revenue on ads and the power of our soon to be launched exchange, trading and shopping ecosystem.

This ensures the plan on reducing the ROI on future sales of revenue packs in May, and at the same time selling more ads and having more advertising options. Shop, and Member to Member Exchange and Trading are timed at the same time, ensuring the Extension and Exit Strategy to work.

Be part of NoBox's revenue share, and help me transforming NoBox to become powerhouse it is meant to be.

Regards, Karlo

P.S. NoBox has an Extension and Exit Strategy, from 01.05.2013 future sales of Revenue Packs earn only 220%. Every Revenue Pack purchased before this day, earns 250%.


Bitcoin, Adjustment Day

Hello Friends,

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. - Jimmy Dean

I like this quote, as it sums up what we do with Adjustment Friday's. Oh yes, it's Adjustment Day!

Bitcoin is already functioning in our script, but the programmers from Shadowscripts advice me to enable the features after they give me an official green light. Sadly this will be after Eastern. What is ok, as most of you might enjoy the holidays.

We are almost ready, and we will have the coolest Bitcoin system the world has seen. Trust me, no one is waiting for our own Bitcoin functions more as I do.

Coming back to Adjusting The Sails To Reach The Destination. I honestly like this quote!

Even we are still waiting for Bitcoin.. I went ahead with some trading on Bitcoin-24 and had incredible results. Of course, when I started trading the Bitcoin was $46, and I have sold some coins for $93!

Remember last week I mentioned the increase from $46 to $75. Now just one week later, we see the coins worth $93!

However, I have the feeling we will see some dip, likely over the Easter Holidays, simply fewer traders will be around, and the price went up too fast these last few weeks. I expecting some fall and want to be prepared to do some trading purchases when this happen. Therefore, I made an adjustment call and prepared a little lower Adjustment Return. Using the rest for a possible dip purchase of Coins.

I will Adjust profits, or the money surplus in next weeks Adjustment Day. I know people are always excited when the returns are higher, but I am planing on the long term, not on pleasing with returns on Adjustment day.

None Members 1.5%
Members 1.8%

We would have a higher return this week, but I am using the extra for potential Trading purchases of Bitcoins. We will adjust the returns on next weeks Adjustment Day.

Many of my readers on investnote have realised how powerful the Bitcoin is. I believe we see the coin dropping these days and bouncing to an all new high by the end of next week.

Of course, it will be more exciting once we have our own trading platform. However, we have to wait. Sadly I am not a programmer. I have beta tested the Bitcoin system inside NoBox, and it worked, actually it was fantastic. So it can't be long until we unleash the beast!

As thrilled this makes me, I understand the security is crucial, and the script must be calculating without any problems. The Coins also need to have the actual price during purchase and withdrawals.

I am excited, and I know NoBox will have an entirely new income stream once Bitcoin is functioning.
This is one of the Key Extensions of my Extension and Exit Strategy!

Just imagine not only deposits and withdrawals of ads and revenue packs. But a trading and exchange feature. Shopping environment, an Auction, and cash-back feature.. Bitcoin will make an impact, and so will NoBox to the Market.

Talking of Impact; Globalmartlink published a review about "The Internet's No.1 Sustainable Rev Share Program With Multiple Income Streams" NoBox – A Unique and Sustainable Revenue Share Program:

NoBox getting noticed! We have reached 3200 Members without spending a dollar on Ads. Therefore, I want to thank all of my members and bloggers who helped getting NoBox the attention it deserves. Expect some extra rewards once the trading system is online. Regardless if, you helped with purchasing of revenue packs, or with referring Members to NoBox.

Regards, Karlo

P.S. Help me transforming NoBox from revenue share to a powerhouse business. In return, I make sure you build wealth for yourself and your family.


Adjustment Update

Hello Friends,

Last week was exciting, even I spend too much time trading Bitcoins. At the time, I learned a lot about Bitcoins and the exchange and trading structure partner sites of Bitcoin offer.

This way our programmer got some better instructions on what we want on NoBox and is about to finish the product what will push NoBox to become much quicker as expected the Powerhouse we all want it to be.

Member to Member exchange is still planed, but more like Bitcoin-24 does it. NoBox will become a similar structure, but additional to Bitcoin you can trade Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and EgoPay. No, I did not forget to mention STP, but Solidtrustpay does not allow Exchanges before approval, and we won't risk to have future trouble with the account.

The Bitcoin and every of the other currencies can be traded against the USD and EURO. NoBox will offer Wire Withdrawals and becomes a superb trading partner for Bitcoin users. We are about to have a new bank ing partner what allows a same day withdrawal to European Banks and lower the fees dramatically.

In other words, NoBox will be used from many of the Bitcoin Traders out there. Yes, we will have exciting times coming to NoBox. You will be able to use a Wallet of any Bitcoin partner to fund and withdraw or use the Bitcoin software. However, NoBox will offer an own Wallet, and NoBox credits will become more valuable. Believe me when I say, NoBox will soon be a real Powerhouse!

The API settings show already in my Admin area, and I can see many new features getting added by the hour. I waiting for the programmer giving me the green light. Believe me when I say, no one is more excited as I am about the Bitcoin integration.

I attached some Admin screenshot on Google+ and for my circle followers.

If you are not following investnote yet, but have a google account, or gmail address, it takes a second becoming a part of my circle community on Google+. I will re-circle you as fast I can, and give you the opportunity to know much more about me, my private life and NoBox. Trust me when I say it's worth being circled on Google+. It's not Facebook, and no one spam your inbox by submitting you to groups. Google+ is a real cool feature, and less a social network as you might believe.

My private Google+ account:
Investnote's Google+ Page:

Expect a Newsletter the minute I have news or we start accepting Bitcoins. You might realise I am really excited (:

I like to mention once more the impact Bitcoin will have for this community. The Bitcoin getting a lot attention lately, and the price increased from $46 to $75 within a few days. I traded last night the coin for $76 before the trading went down to $65 gain, and pushed back to $74. What I am trying to say is the Bitcoin will attract Traders into NoBox, and we will be able to increase the securit y holdback dramatically.

The Bitcoin will be one of the Keystones switching from Revenue Packs to Powerhouse. However, you still be able to use your Liberty Reserve, Egopay, Perfect Money or STP to be a part of the Future.

Depending on how fast the programmer finished all Bitcoin extensions. NoBox might be able to move faster and switch from Revenue Packs to Credits Only, or lower the ROI on future Sales earlier as planned. I would announce the lowered ROI and changes at least one week in advanced.

Now before, I receive Tickets or Emails about lowered ROI and changes, let me explain once more, the lowered ROI on FUTURE Sales is part of the Extension and Exit Strategy. However, a lowered ROI does not effect active Revenue Packs. We are talking future sales. In other words, every existing Pack pays 250% for Members or 180% for None Members if purchased NOW or before the change.

Speaking of future Extensions. By next week, NoBox will be movin g to a stronger Dedicated Server. We got a really great deal from Shadowscripts in combination with a Blockdos Firewall, what made sense, and I decided to take the offer. We getting stronger in numbers and with Bitcoin we need more resources and RAM anyway.

I was advised we will not have any downtime during the switch as the server is based in the same server center. This is the second upgrade, and we are going this time for the best our hosting partner can provide.

Talking of partners, once we have the new shopping ecosystem, we will offer great new products and cash-backs including hosting and script extensions and programming from our partner Shadowscripts. I established a great relationship with the guys over there, and we will become a reselling partner, what helps NoBox generating some extra cash to the security holdback.

I believe many are searching this newsletter for today's Adjustment amount.
Ok, I won't bother you with more Bitcoin or NoBox futur e talk, let me just blow your mind once we are ready (;

Adjustment Return:

None Members 1.8%
Members 2%

Even after some payments in server upgrades and Bitcoin extensions NoBox has managed to reach the 2% for members.

I can say confidently next week should be one of the highest returns we have seen so far as Bitcoin will make a big difference. I started already generating some extra cash with Bitcoins, before the initial launch.

Regards, Karlo

P.S. Thanks once more for all the trust you show me and NoBox. I will pay your trust back by generate wealth for you and your family.


Bank Wire, Bitcoin, Review and Extensions

Dear Friends,

We are all waiting for Bitcoin. Well, at least I do, and I got some great news from our programmers at Shadowscripts. They have developed a wallet for us, to create an API and SCI style just like every other currency offered on NoBox. Well, I am beta testing with the programmers, and we should really be ready in a very short time. There was a little more work as Shadowscripts expected at the beginning, but we are ending up with something much cooler and an SCI and API what can even be offered to other websites. Yes, also to other investments or business opportunities, shops etc.

I will write on how this works once we enable the options after testing.

Bitcoin is tricky as the NoBox system will need some more RAM resources and every transaction need to be confirmed from at least 3 servers. I won't bother you with details, but the Bitcoin system has an exchange rate feed for BTC/USD so ultimately the funds in the account will be in a USD rate. Once Members (You) cashout from Bitcoin in NoBox, let say $100 cashout, the system will transform the request into equivalent in Bitcoin.

When everything calculates correctly and pays accordantly, I will introduces Bitcoin. I am very exited about this, and we are expecting a full launch by the end of the week.

I would have loved to have this fully introduced today, but we really need to test all, before some setbacks would cause problems in the script or in calculations.

Talking of problems, Solidtrustpay is again fully functioning, even I was not advised on why the account was on hold or what exactly happen. Anyway, back to normal, but I decided to take my lesson out of this and make some changes to STP deposits.

The cash out price remains the same, but if you like to use STP for future deposits, NoBox will charge a 3% deposit fee. This effects fresh deposits and not effect the wallet re-deposits.

New Extension introduced
I am proud to introduce Bank Withdrawals. The charges for Bank withdrawals will be published on the Fees page. At the moment, the fee will be $40 + 1% transaction fee to wire money world wide.

Check the Fees and Exchange page for more information.

Since the exchange becomes more attractive thanks to the bank withdrawal option, we are prioritizing the Member to Member exchange as our next extension.

Remember, it is in my view that every successful online business needs an Extension and Exit Strategy.

The Exit Strategy is how you position your business to make a living in the future when the industry and web-structure changes.

In case you missed it, I have done an interview with a member of the privatehyipforum:

Alternatively you can read the interview on investnote:

Invest Punch published an review about NoBox, so if you like to read about how they see NoBox and it's structure, jump over and read it:

Regards, Karlo

P.S. Now, let's take this NoBox Powerhouse a step future... And let me create wealth for you and your family in return.


More Extensions
Hello Friends,

I wanted to announce Bitcoin today, sadly it seems the shadowscripts team has some difficulties with the integration. However, it shouldn't take much longer.

Anyhow, on the left hand site of the menu, you can find Additional Pages being moved up. Most upcoming extensions will be introduced in that area, so it seems natural to have the navigation at a more approachable location.

I like to Adjust the Timeline on upcoming NoBox Extensions, for once, so you know new developments, and secondly for every one of the new members who might not read our last timeline.

March (somehow super soon!)
Bitcoin will join NoBox as an additional currency. With Bitcoin, we will not only have additional deposit options, but also exchange, withdrawal, and most importantly a shopping partner outside the investment world. Bitcoin will be a game changer! With Bitcoin NoBox is able to attract Shopping and cash-back partners. Additionally selling a bunch of ads, we wouldn't sell without this exiting currency addition.

Shortly after Bitcoin, NoBox will deliver the Shopping system, which replaces the Cash-Back method on our site. NoBox will still be offering cash-back's but in a more professional and easier shopping ecosystem.

April 2013
Bank Account Deposit, Exchange and Withdrawal to Bank Accounts World Wide will be supported. Additional the exchange system will be supporting Wallet to Cash-Balance and direct withdrawals. Switching the Exchange to a full currency exchange system, even for none revenue-pack holders.

At the same time, a Member to Member Exchange Facility will be introduced. NoBox will be acting as an escrow partner, to ensure each exchange. Members will also receive a point system, based on the amount of successful exchanges they have fulfilled. Members are able to exchange the currencies at their own exchange rate, yet creating a revenue to the security-holdback.

Mid-End April 2013
Banner Auction on Banner locations
The Auctions will pay bidders who lost on their Banner Offer 101% back of the bid on Adjustment Friday. Fun way to advertise or make some extra money. I will introduce and explain the system once it's ready. It's a little more complex and exiting as it is on MTV (in case you wonder where I got the idea.)

Mid-End April 2013
Credits become actual valuable. Credits can be traded for others as adding your page to the surf. Additionally you can trade credits to avoid, or reduce fees on transactions within the NoBox environment. Hopefully even some partners will be joining and offer discounts coupons to NoBox, what can be purchased with credits. Furthermore, Members will receive credits for more as just surfing. You will be rewarded for using referral links on the Monitoring page etc. Credits what seems at this time a side reward for surfing will actually become a "currency like power" on the entire NoBox Product. At the time of the Exit Strategy Switch, the credits can even be traded to actual cash! Detailed list of credit points and value list will be introduced during launch of this extension.

Videos vs Surf May 2013
A new Video presentation feature will be introduced. Here, advertisers can upload videos and advertise products. With the Video Presentation, we will offer our surf members the option to skip daily surfs in exchange to watch one Video Presentation.

Pay Per Click April-May 2013
The Pay Per Click feature will generate additional revenue to members, regardless if they are holding a membership or any revenue packs. Membership holders will earn a higher PPC rate as none membership or free members.

01.05.2013 (1st May)
ROI on Revenue-Pack Purchased (Future Sales) reduced to 220% for Members, 120% for none Members. Membership offers Adjusted. (Existing Revenue Packs are not effected).

01.06.2013 (1st June)
Free Member offer will be skipped, and Members need to have a membership to purchase future Revenue Packs.

Notice: The revenue-packs reward Members for helping to switch NoBox from an unknown revenue share system to an advertising, exchange, monitor, shopping, cash-back power house. This is the Extension and Exit Strategy. Most rewarded are the people who helped from the very beginning.

June 2013
NoBox Credit's (we might come up with a better name) Trading introduced. More information's before the system launches.

With more working extensions, NoBox will slowly decrease the ROI from Revenue Packs, until switching the entire system to credits revenue only. Of course, every existing Revenue Pack will earn until the ROI of the Pack at the value you have purchased it is fulfilled. The switch from ROI to credits will be the Exit Strategy. I can't fix an exact date. It depends on the developer, and on how much Revenue Packs has been sold. However, I can promise the Extension and Exit Strategy will work. And will create wealth for each of the Members now with Revenue packs, and in the future with the credit system.

Remember Credits will become a "NoBox currency", what will be more powerful as you can imagine at the moment. NoBox is not a HYIP, a HYBRID, MLM or any other known passive income website. NoBox develops into an Online Business Powerhouse, and I am glad you are part of this development.

More extensions on the way.

Of course, I could have introduced one website with all the features, not sharing any revenue. It would have cost me an enormous amount of money. The system would not be proven, and I would need to spend a large amount of money promoting the NoBox environment, yet not knowing if everything works the way I wanted it. I chose a different direction, rewarding this community helping me in developing the NoBox environment. The way I chose might cost more in developing. However, the system is tested by Members. Additionally the Members guarantee revenue to the NoBox system once the system is fully functioning. No extra advertising costs, what wouldn't guarantee success. Because being a part of NoBox's development makes this somehow a part of you, as much as it is part of me. Plus, you already being used and love the offers NoBox has introduced. At the end of the day, NoBox will be a proven business, and a special one, as it created some wealth for each of us in the progress.

Regards, Karlo

P.S. NoBox has an Extension Strategy what will work. Help me making this and more happen, and let me reward you in return. Building Wealth for you and your family.


Adjustment Friday, and more Extensions
Hello Friends,

It's Adjustment Friday. So once the server hits 11:59 pm a higher or lower ROI is given. All depends on last weeks performance. Of course if you read the learn more page, you know this depends also on how much money we spend for new features, hosting costs etc.

The Adjustments are a little lower as usual as we are about to spend some serious money for some additions to the script. But before I come to this point, let me announce the numbers.

None Members will receive the usual prime of 2%
Membership Holders as usual getting a little more and ended up with 2.2% today.

Now you had this little voice asking you, what will happen? What did Karlo mention on spending serious money on the script? Well let me explain some upcoming features.

Bitcoin is soon joining the party, and so is the shopping tool. Also, the Member to Member Currency Exchange is in the making. However, you did know that already, so let me announce a few more upcoming features.

Credits become actual valuable
That's right, so far you can trade credits for surf ads. It's a great feature. However, we always try to think like there is No Box. No limitations and new ways of building wealth.

NoBox will soon allow trading of credits, where members can resell and trade credits to other members. Credits can also be converted to Banner Impressions and soon Video Ads.

With the upcoming Video Ads and Presentations, NoBox is able to offer advertisers a new medium to introduce products. Additionally we give Surfers the choice between Surfing the standard Ads, or watching Video Ads after the first three Premium Ads in the Watch Ads Rotator. I will explain this feature in details once it's introduced.

Pay Per Click
NoBox will also receive a PPC area, where members can earn some extra cash.

There is a lot more coming to NoBox, and I will write up a page linked in your Member Area with all the features coming to NoBox and the timeline of seeing and enjoying them.

You might be thinking that NoBox can't accomplish all the goals. Some might even be bad ideas, and we might even drop some. Perhaps some will never be used. Maybe surfing daily is too much to ask, yet you could use the NoSurf Membership to avoid this. But if you open yourself up to the possibility what we can accomplish, and help me achieve this goal, I promise you I help you to create wealth in return.

Enjoy your weekend,

P.S. Congratulation to the first bunch of Members who reached pure profits with their revenue packs. Yes, the earliest Members are now on 100%+ return of their first purchased revenue packs. NoBox creating wealth, and I am glad you all are part of it.


Extensions, Bitcoin and Downline Communication

Hello Friends and Business Partners,

Yesterday I received a Support Ticket suggesting implementing a feature of showing the email address of the downline. "This would be great for followups and promotion."

However, If you followed investnote over the last few years, you know I am a big fan of privacy. This is the only reason why this feature is not forced by the system. However, NoBox has the feature enabled, though not forced. In other words, if you like to communicate with your Sponsor, you can enable the feature, by clicking Preferences on the Navigation. Scroll down to Additional Setting and enable one or both of this features:

Show my email to people I have directly referred.
Allow my direct referrer to see my email address.

Afterwards, your Sponsor is able to see your email, and start communicating with you.

I understand the power of this feature, but I respect the privacy of each user, and unlike other programs allow members to decide if they enable the communication with their Sponsor.

Remember my earlier newsletter about the extension and exit strategy? The guideline on upcoming features? I am happy to announce we are in final testings of Bitcoin. There are still some small issues, of covering wallet load and coins, and cash-balance to coins, but our programmer should have solved the problem shortly.

Bitcoin is a game-changer for NoBox. As we are able to offer many products and partners outside the online investment world.

I am following up on some posts on MMG. STP needs to approve every exchange. Therefore, we are not able to exchange STP at the moment. Exchanges from and to most currencies are supported from the cash-balance. However, the supply is limited and depends on the amount easily available, without abusing the security-holdback.

This said, one member on Google+ suggested a Member to Member Exchange. Where Members be able to offer exchanges and exchange rates to other Members. Of course, NoBox need to ensure the exchange, and hold each exchange in escrow, or process it when the wallet or cash-balance of the offered amount allows the Member Exchange. Our programmer already got the order of making this possible, and it is another extension creating additional income to the NoBox security-holdback.

Please don't be shy! If you have ideas what could create revenue to NoBox, just email me, and I select the ideas what are possible and make sense, and adding them to our extension strategy.

Remember, you are part of NoBox, not just an investor. I am in love with NoBox, and I hope you too!

Please use Tickets only for Technical or Account related problems. Anything else, just email me, to receive the fastest possible responds.

Regards, Karlo

P.S. I'm absolutely convinced that you have made that important first step and broken away from the herd and that you will enjoy NoBox and its extension and exist strategy. Most of all thank you letting NoBox be a part of building your wealth in the progress.

Any questions? Contact us!
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